My name is Nancy Gemaehlich and I am a Bible study author and freelance writer. Please enjoy my studies, blog, online devotional and articles.
Nancy Gemaehlich 

The author of the book of James is a man on a mission: God's mission. He strategically communicates truth, forcefully at times, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit his message is always right on time. He speaks to his fellow believer's adventures and misadventures in their faith. James' epistle directs us to draw upon God's wisdom to navigate the traps of temptation. Moreover, James illustrates the value and beauty of patient perseverance until the day of Christ. Through this epistle we receive encouragement and exhortation from our sovereign God enabling us to develop a perfect faith, a mature faith, a faith that will not fail.

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"The Psalms of the Bible" is a wonderful adventure through Psalms 1-41! As you read each Psalm, you will find a "Study Tip" that teaches you how to use solid Bible study skills to understand and apply the message of the Psalm to your life. This study also includes Discussion Questions and a Leader's Guide. "The Psalms of the Bible" is suitable as a group study or as an individual devotional. As you travel through Psalms 1-41 you will be richly rewarded. There is no better place to be refreshed and strengthened than through the Psalms! 
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    Paperback: 146 pages
    Publisher: Createspace (April 16 2009)
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A delightful collection of biblical Proverbs that have been grouped by topic to help teenagers and young adults in their journey toward wisdom. Because a picture is worth a thousand words there are cartoons for many of the Proverbs that help "paint the picture." These illustrations were created by a teen to help engage others is their quest for wisdom!

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    Paperback: 62 pages
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    Platform (February 11, 2016)
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Why did God give us the book of Revelation? And what’s more, why did He promise a blessing to those who read it and heed its words? The book of Revelation is the consummation of God’s grand story of creation that He has given us as an anchor and a hope for our lives. Come Lord Jesus: A Women’s Walk Spirit, Body & Soul Through the Book of Revelation will guide you on a journey through this unique book of the Bible. You will have the opportunity to live out, spirit, body, and soul this message from the Lord to His church. In this Bible study, you will engage in worship, prayer, witness, creativity, and connection with God and others. Studying the book of Revelation is truly a blessing that the Lord has given us for our lives. Let’s dive in together to know Him more!

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    Paperback: 192 pages
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